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Swift Boxes

Swifts are the most amazing birds and are spectacular to watch, so it is very rewarding if you can attract them to a nest box on your house. They are the fastest horizontal flyers of any bird on the planet. They feed, sleep and even mate on the wing. In fact they never land except to breed and if they do get grounded they have great difficulty in taking off again. They are only in the UK for about 12 weeks in the summer. 

Swifts in our local area are struggling to breed. Old nesting sites have gone as people have blocked up the roof spaces that swifts used to nest in. Old houses and other properties have been knocked down. If swifts can't breed, they will eventually be lost from our summer skies. The Maidenhead and Cookham Swift Group has been set up to help give swifts new places to nest in our locality.

Click below for some introductory information about swifts.

There are two websites with huge amounts of detailed information on swifts which we recommend you also visit:

Our local swift conservation group is the Maidenhead and Cookham Swift Group

Maidenhead and Cookham Swift Group | Facebook

We want to help anyone interested in giving swifts a home.

  • free advice on your house, office building or public building to see if it's suitable to give swifts a home

  • free expert advice on swifts

  • opportunity to buy locally made swift nesting boxes AT COST 

  • help with choosing the right swift box for your house or building

  • information on using swift attraction calls and how to set up a sound system to do it

  • information on use of in-box cameras to see nesting swifts in your boxes (we don't supply or set up cameras but will help with fitting to the box if needed)


Installation terms and conditions:

BNBG will only offer to install Swift boxes if there is clear and safe access for our ladders and only up to a height that we can safely reach.

We will need to drill holes in the wall of your building to provide suitable anchorage points.

We will supply boxes for customers to install themselves or to be installed by a contractor having the necessary equipment to reach the required location and height. We do not offer to arrange sub-contract installation and sourcing a suitable company is in the hands of the customer.

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