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Solitary Bee Boxes

When most people think about bees, they think about sociable honeybees or large furry bumblebees.

However, in the UK alone there are 267 species of bees and over 90% are not social and do not live in colonies. These are called solitary bees.

Solitary bees vary considerably in size, appearance and where they choose to nest. Bees that nest in houses are called cavity nesting bees. They require dry hollow tubes to lay their young. The design of our box enables the tubes to be opened to see what's in them and more importantly to clean them out after each season to minimise parasites.

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Our boxes are available to collect on Wednesday mornings from our base in Winter Hill Road, Cookham Dean SL6 6PJ, or at other times/locations by prior arrangement. Contact us for further information.

Bee Box

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