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Bat Boxes

Bats do not like draughts, and prefer well insulated boxes where temperature and humidity remain constant. They also need a rough textured wood to cling to. The wood should not be treated because bats are very sensitive to chemicals. A ‘bat ladder’ or other landing area that leads to an entry slit wide enough to admit bats, but narrow enough to keep out predators is also essential, usually 15 – 20 mm. Once installed a bat box may not be opened legally without a licence. For more information on bats and the law call the Bat Helpline (0345 1300 228).

Locate boxes:

• Where bats are known to feed close to hedges and tree lines

• Ideally at least 4m above the ground (where safe installation is possible)

• Sheltered from strong winds and exposed to the sun for part of the day (usually south or south-west)

Click here for more advice.

Our boxes are available to collect on Wednesday mornings from our base in Winter Hill Road, Cookham Dean SL6 6PJ, or at other times/locations by prior arrangement. We no longer offer these boxes in kit form as it proved impracticable with the materials available. Contact us for further information.

Bat box 1


Bat box 2

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