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Our Swift Boxes

Our Swift boxes are built using designs based on those recommended by the various Swift conservation groups. Swifts are colony nesting birds and fights can arise if prospecting birds try to move in to a nest box that's already occupied, so we only offer boxes that have two or more nest spaces. There are different designs to suit different positions on buildings.

They are made from 12 mm exterior plywood, painted white to minimise heat absorption and the roof is double-wall plastic for the same reason. The roof has a steep slope so that predatory birds can't perch on top. Each nest space has a feather-lined nest cup and incorporates a removable panel to which a nest box camera can be added. The boxes have provision for fixing to the walls of buildings by small coach screws. These are driven into Rawlplugs if the wall is brick or similar.

The box needs to be at least 5 metres above ground level with a clear flight-path to it, with no trees or bushes too close by.

We only offer Swift boxes on an installed basis. The small cost for installation is built into the price as we don't charge for our time.

It's very unlikely that Swifts will find a nest box at a new site unless recordings of their calls are played from a speaker near the box. This has been found to be highly successful and we can supply a system to do this and install it at the same time as the box. There is an extra charge for this.

Swift boxes need to be correctly sited and are best installed by us. Please contact us for advice on suitability of local habitat and location of the box. We are happy to visit to advise and install if you are within 10 miles of Bisham. There is a modest extra charge for this (see price list).

Standard twin box

Carol Cannon 3.jpg

Vertical triple box

Vertical triple


triple box

Swift box gable-2.jpg

Swift Call attraction kit

BNBG Swift call player unit (micro SD ca
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