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Robin or Wren Boxes

Dense shrubs are an ideal site, both wrens and robins will seek such cover for nest building, often quite close to the ground but sometimes around 5 or 6 feet. Conifer trees can offer suitable cover so a Lawsons cyprus might be worth a go. Any prickly shrubs would also be worth considering if you have them, holly, pyracantha, hawthorn and berberis offer good protection. Another idea would be to find an alcove or even an outbuilding, robins and wrens regularly make use of the shelter provided by buildings and the structures can offer a good predator barrier.

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Our boxes are available to collect on Wednesday mornings from our base in Winter Hill Road, Cookham Dean SL6 6PJ, or at other times/locations by prior arrangement. They are also available in kit form for assembly by adults and supervised children. We will bring kits along to schools, scout groups, wildlife groups etc. and provide assembly guidance. Contact us for further information.

Robin or Wren box

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