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Sparrow Terrace

House sparrow numbers have seen huge declines in cities and towns across the UK, with their nest spaces being lost due to due to home improvements but they will readily use nest boxes placed high up under the eaves. Since these birds nest in loose colonies, two or three can be sited spaced out on the same side of the house, but it has been found that three or more incorporated into one 'terrace' can be more effective. Our Sparrow terrace is made from 12 mm plywood and has three separate nest spaces with 32 mm entrance holes. Keep the box away from areas where House Martins normally nest. Click here for more advice from RSPB

​Our boxes are available to collect on Wednesday mornings from our base in Winter Hill Road, Cookham Dean SL6 6PJ, or at other times/locations by prior arrangement. Contact us for further information.

Sparrow terrace 

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