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Little Owl Boxes

The smallest owl in Britain, the Little Owl is often seen during the day perched on a post, telegraph pole or exposed branch.

Since the mid-1980s little owls appear to have declined by at least a third, especially in the South-west. This owl is mainly found in farmland, around farmsteads and villages. It occurs throughout England, Wales and southeast Scotland, but populations are very patchy in southwest and northeast England and southwest and central Wales.

Little owls nest in holes in trees, farm buildings and sometimes holes in the ground such as rabbit burrows. They readily take to nestboxes, especially those with a tunnel entrance, which our design incorporates.

Approximate dimensions: 30 cm x 37 cm x 34 cm high.

Click here for more information on Little Owls.

Owl and raptor boxes need to be correctly sited and are best installed by us. Please contact us for advice on suitability of local habitat and location of the box. We are happy to visit to advise and also to install these if you are within 10 miles of Bisham. There is a modest extra charge for this (see price list).

Little Owl box


Little Owl box tunnel

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